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NOTE: DO NOT TRY TO CHANGE YOUR PORT TO 19132. If you do, your server will be deleted. Thank you

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Our team work hard to make sure you create your server with the latest MCPE server code. Currently we are in 1.0.3.

Great community has a friendly community with both new and experienced players. The community will help you out if you’re having troubles and the staff is always ready to help you out as well!

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Our servers are running on the most powerful machines, to give you a smooth gameplay without lag and downtime.

What we do?, futuristic, and joined to form We host MCPE server for free in our cloud. You need to download the APP to your mobile device. Once you install our free app on your mobile device you can: create server, delete server, issue console commands, edit plugins, etc. The app is very Easy to use and it is both virus and spam free. Download it here PU2.APK and start creating your own server

What we provide

Our team test plugins and latest MCPE server before we make it available to the users.


Here are few screenshots of our app.

We promise that you’ll like it, join us now!

We fixed the plugins issue and upgraded the servers to 1.0.5.

We need to restart the host on a nightly basis at midnight(12:00am) est time for upgrade. We apologize for any incovience

DO NOT TRY TO CHANGE YOUR PORT TO 19132. Keep the port we assign to you. Thank you

The HOST crashed today for 20 minutes(2/27/2017 @ 7.45PM EST). We are back online

Do not run this APP in Apple devices. There are some problems. We are not responsible. Thanks

For those creating new server: it can take up 24 hrs for the server to be visible and usable

Our server is at level 1.0.5 API 3.0 PHP Version 7.0.2

The current version of the APP is V1.2 but the team is working on a new version.
3500 players joined in total
5 great staff members

The team behind playu2



Meet POKECEDGO- Co owner of



Godnation - Chief Technical Lead



Meet DenisErolov79 - Technical lead and tester


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Brayan - Technical lead

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